About Moscow Batteries

Moscow Batteries is a Car Battery Shop In Delhi, We are Selling, Servicing, Repairing batteries for over 50 years from Daryaganj. We started the shopping daryaganj delhi with charging - recharging batteries than we started manufacturing batteries with the name of “Moscow” (not sure why the name ) may be relevance is cold place and in those days batteries use to get troubled in winters so may be the idea is that our batteries can work even in Moscow (weird? May be) but no political or philosophical reason for sure.

We started selling Branded batteries in 1990 when Mr. Ravinder Khurana (IT consultant ) taken over this shop, and then he always wanted sell better batteries and give best service to the clients. As soon as there are Innovative companies like standard furukawa, amco or amaron came with their products, Moscow Batteries were one of the first in there area to resell these brands.

Now Moscow batteries sell All popular brands like Exide, Amaron, Tata, Luminous, Su-Kam, Okaya, SFsonic, Prestolite, Kafila, Powerzone, Livfast, Ac Delco etc. We also sell all popular brand Inverters and UPS along with batteries.

Call us for Car Battery, Inverter Battery, UPS Battery, As now Moscow Batteries is RAVINDErkHURANA.COM feel free to call same sumber for IT services also

Feel free to visit RavinderKhurana.com for more.. Or call @ 8527267799

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